Course & Map

2 Mile Run Course

The River Dash Kayathlon will start with a 2 mile run out of Centennial Water Front Park up to Canyon Springs Rd. were race take their first right down to the Canyon Springs Golf Course.  Racers will then take the second right onto Blue Lakes Grade Rd. that runs right through the middle of the golf course.  Racers will continue to  follow the road right around to the backside of the golf course next to the river and held back to Centennial Park, they will then cross over the bridge back into Centennial Park and transition to the mountain bike portion of the Kayathlon.GoogleEarth_Image (4)

10 Mile Mountain Bike Ride Course

The next portion of the race will be a 10 mile mountian bike ride out of Centennial Park up to Canyon Springs Rd. Racers will take the first right and ride past Canyon Springs Golf Course.  Soon after racers pass the golf course they will leave the pavement and ride on dirt road headed to the Auger Falls mountain bike trial system. Once racers arrive at the Auger Falls area they will leave the main road and jump onto the Homestead Loop trial, take a left onto the Eagle trial, then left onto Blue Bottle trial, last left onto Porcupine trail back to the main road to head to Centennial Park.

4 Mile Kayaking/Paddle Board Course

Racers will then transition to a kayak, canoe or paddle board and paddle the 4 mile course from Centennial Park to Pillar Falls and back.
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