Race Gear

Kayathlon Race Gear

River Dash Gear

You will be responsible to provide your own race gear: kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, shoes, clothing, etc.  However, if you do not have a kayak or canoe don't let that stop you, there are rentals from AWOL Paddle Sport Rentals http://paddlethesnake.com/ you will have to hurry to get a rental so contact them today.  Go to the registration page on the website and as you fill out the registration form you can see how many kayaks or canoes we have left, and if we do, go ahead a rent one and we'll have if there for you on race day.  The kayak or paddle board will also come with a paddle or paddles you will need along with the proper life jacket.


Please make sure that your kayak or canoe is lake worthy! Meaning no holes and can stay afloat with you, and your team mate if you are competing as a team.  Also you will need to have the proper life jacket for your size and wait, no kid floating devices and don't forget your paddle or paddles!


Make sure that your bike is properly working befor you start the race and you have enough water for the trip.  Most important, helments are required to be worn during the cycling event!


Wear the proper running shoes to help you stay safe and finish the race comfortably!